Greenhouses come in many shapes and sizes, with a myriad of choices in shape, material, glazing, fittings, vents, and many other options. On this site you will find a wide selection of wooden (generally cedar), aluminium and lean to greenhouses from a variety of greenhouse manufacturers including Alitex, Robinsons, Alton, Janssens, Fawt and Elite as well as advice on what to consider when buying a greenhouse, the services we can offer you, and the accessories we sell.

From our premises in Stirling, Scotland we have been selling a wide range of greenhouses and accessories for over 35 years. Wherever you live in Scotland and the North of England you will not be far from a greenhouse that we have sold to happy customers. Not only are we well known in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stirling and Perth, but customers come from as far afield as Wick, Inverness, Aberdeen, Dumfries and Eyemouth.

Greenhouses are sold under their nominal widths, therefore a Robinsons Regatta is 6’4’’ wide but referred to as a six foot wide.

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