Robinsons Regal GreenhouseThe Regal greenhouse is the widest model in Robinsons extensive range. It is 12' 7" (3836mm) wide, with lengths from 8' 8.1/8" (2644mm) upwards in 2' (6100mm) increments. There is no limit on the length.

 The major technical difference between the Regal and its smaller sisters is the degree of stiffening to the frame. Ridge and eaves braces are applied to every set of glazing bars and extra structural stiffness is added to the door gable.

The design uses only 6' 1" (1820mm) extensions which means that any building over 8' (2440mm) long has at least one internal 'A' frame with wind brace. The result is an exceptionally strong building. It is essential that a building of this span has a continuous concrete or brick perimeter footing.

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