It takes time to become proficient at watering plants. More plants die from over or under watering than from any other cause.

A stuffy greenhouse is a death trap for most plants. Lack of ventilation causes damping off, wilting, drying out, and an ideal breeding ground for infection, pests and disease!

There are basically four types of greenhouse: free standing with glass to the ground, free standing on a dwarf wall, lean to with glass to the ground or lean to on a dwarf wall. There are two principle materials used for greenhouses - wood or aluminium.

What do you intend to use your greenhouse for? It may seem a silly question but the answer helps to identify your requirements.

If you intend to use the greenhouse for ground level plants and large pot plants on the floor you will not need staging. For most people staging (The wide shelving at waist height) and shelving (smaller width shelves at shoulder height or above) are a must. Staging provides a surface at a useful height and makes potting, watering, pricking out and all the other greenhouse tasks much easier.